She sat in the wake of the ‘Wade Family Christmas’…

Presents all around, and every person in their respective bed.

The thing was, she had anticipated anxious agitation. Not that there hadn’t been that. (There had been.) But there had also been love. Love that comes from years of truly knowing someone. Love that is born when a person is new. Love that is forced, but necessary. Love that has been nurtured and tended, and is kept close to the heart. And love- love that comes from way down deep in the giggles and explodes in pure delight in the knowledge that YOUR family has produced this amazing little being.

Christmas is in the heart of the children. If you want to feel it – truly experience it again – watch a child. Watch them look for something to open. The gift doesn’t have to be theirs. They just want to see something new. Give them the most ridiculous gift. Something they didn’t even know they wanted. It is even better if they have no idea what it is. Let the moment come. It will. The eyes open, the hands reach…and the excitement is tangible. It passes, as all things do, but if you take notice – you won’t be disappointed.


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