She walked with head held high.

A resounding theme: redundancy.

Truth contradicted, but truth nonetheless.

The sheer athleticism of carrying that impressive ego around all day, while maintaining that precarious image…how does she do it folks?

Her guard is down; it is time for her to make her move.

The test: finding her true form.

The universe is spinning…with even more beyond.

The earth keeps turning; its people are just along for the ride.

Each geographic location offers more and more definition.

And there she sits.  She does little and regrets much.

A speck of dust ~ concerned with laying upon that neglected piece of furniture in such a perfect display ~ only to be swiped away by some dutiful employee…eventually.

The power of being dust: you can make a person expel an astronomical sneeze through no will of their own.  They will be blessed.


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